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On return

We made excellent time on the return trip home, even with stops. This despite the pouring rain as we left Williamsburg – but we seemed to be heading away from the storm at that point.

Which was good. Easier for driving.

Still it felt tiring, even if shorter.

Of course, we also played the license plates game… over the course of the entire 3-4 day trip, coming and going and everything in between, we saw license plates for 40 states, plus DC, US Govt, and 2 Canadian provinces (Ontario and Quebec)

Plates we saw en route
(built via mapchart.net)

(The US states we didn’t get were Hawaii, New Mexico, Wyoming, Montana, North/South Dakota, Iowa, Louisiana, Mississippi, or Rhode Island.)

Well maybe next time.

So, home again, home again. Days of work emails are piled up. Laundry needs doing. I entered all my distances walked over the last few days (and now Mom and Dad are just about caught up on the NC500 virtual challenge, since I walked their legs off the last few days). After a few days away, I need to go get my pedaling in, to progress me across my Virtual African Loop (VAL).

(And I updated that since there was a section that seemed to have been set up “as the crow flies” so now it’s back on the ground again. Which added about 400 miles to the trek.)

Oh boy. I better get pedaling, and fast!