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The Getaway: Day 3 Surry and Yorktown

The original plan was to spend the day in Yorktown, and to take the ferry over to Surry the next day for lunch, before heading home.

That was a good plan, but the weather forecast changed and the ferry seemed … less desirable in the rain.

So we changed it up to do the Surry ferry in the morning, and Yorktown in the afternoon.

Waiting for cars to get off the ferry before we get on to go to Surry, Va

That plan worked out fine – we just missed the 9:30 am ferry but were first on for the 10am. On arrival we drove around the Surry area and then went to a fantastic lunch at Surry Seafood Company.

We just made the noon ferry back, to start back to Yorktown.

At Yorktown we jumped into the American Revolutionary Museum. It’s easily 2-3 hours of content, including some interactive pieces and theatre pieces.

Oh yeah, and an interactive encampment / farm section.

Live chickens are part of the encampment farm at the American Revolutionary War museum

It was all interesting (and although he’s only one player in the grand story, I had the soundtrack to Hamilton in my head).

Tomorrow I’ll be homeward bound, so I can watch that too.