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The Getaway: Day 1 Jamestown

So came the annual milestone, and with minimal vacation days used up – COVID still completely throwing off the freedom to travel to new places – I needed some time away.

My mom was the one who mentioned Williamsburg. Virginia would not be a short list destination for me in other times… in that I’ve been to all 50 states and new place was always my priority.

But I haven’t been to Williamsburg, VA. That’s a new place – kinda sorta.

Day one was devoted to the outbound drive and an afternoon spent exploring Historic Jamestown. It was a little less time than it needed but it was a hot day after a long drive. We enjoyed it thoroughly but all kind of hit that wall at once.

We got a recommendation from family who has come frequently and thus found a local place – Old Towne Pizza and Pasta – for dinner.

The food is delicious and we settle in for the night at the hotel.

A good first day.