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VAL: Namibian Fat Cakes

So, I tried my first recipe for Namibia!

Fat Cakes: basically balls of fried dough

So here’s my take…

They’re good but not great. They are a little dense but not too heavy. They are nice with some jam or confectionery sugar.

Still, for sugar topping, I prefer the light and fluffy puff pastry option to these.

It’s like a little donut-ball and if you like donuts you probably will like. I don’t like donuts generally so … yeah. Again: good but not great.

But it was worth trying, and I’ll be having these as breakfast treats for days to come so… definitely good enough to eat. Which has not always been my takeaway on recipes.

I’m still planning to make Kapana at some point and I’m still looking for more recipe options.

More to come!


Happy birthday Caleb
Plain, powdered sugar, cinnamon and sugar