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I’m planning, at some point, to make Kapana as one of my Namibian dishes on the VAL.

To do it right appears to want an open flame: charcoal or wood fire. Neither option is a part of my regular life.

I’ll sort that, rest assured.

In the mean time, fat cakes (a terrible name for what is really fried dough, but judgment is reserved pending trial) are going to make the menu.

Must do something to mark the new country virtually reached, you know.

And that means my plans for today include: waiting. The dough must rise. I know not for how long. As long as I knew I’d be waiting for that, and had almost all the same ingredients out, I also started a batch of no-knead bread. That I know will need to rise overnight.

Left: dough resting to rise for fat cakes.
Right: double batch of dough to rise overnight for bread.

I’ll let you know whether the waiting was worth it.

2 thoughts on “Waiting”

  1. Vetkoek – is the Afrikaans translation and is traditionally eaten with ground beef that’s been flavored with curry powder. It is a true favorite especially in winter. Pair it with some “Pannekoek” (crepes) with sugar and cinnamon and you have a very traditional meal! I hope you enjoyed the Vetkoek.

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    1. Oh thank you! We did enjoy them (or the Namibian version) but it did not occur to us to make them as bread and eat with meat! That would have been interesting.

      I will definitely plan to make pannekoek as one of my dishes for South Africa! Thanks so much!


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