experiments in cooking

Stacking up the meal plans

It begins with finding 2 chicken breasts in the freezer.

I was searching for chicken thighs, better suited to long cook times in casseroles (read as, Yassa).

I was going to make Yassa anyway. I have habanero peppers (swapped for scotch bonnet peppers) and chicken thighs (around in this freezer somewhere) and garlic and chicken broth and lemons and Dijon mustard and really all I need is some onions.

I need onions, but also here is this chicken breast of unknown age I should also cook.

You know what’s an awesome flavorful way to eat chicken breast? Souvlaki!

So that all led to the shopping.

I had the chicken as we discovered. The rest of souvlaki is lemon and oil and oregano. I have all of those. But also it needs tzatziki.

So that needs plain yogurt and garlic and lemon and English cucumber and dill.

From that list, all I’m missing are the yogurt and cucumber.

Okay! Items identified. Items acquired.

On to the prep work!

First the Chicken Yassa. I peel and slice the wide world of onions, trim the chicken thighs, add the peppers, cut and juice 2 lemons, and pour in a mixture of the lemon juice, oil, and Dijon mustard. All that in a ziploc bag, mashed together to mix, and left to marinate overnight.

Yassa prepped. On to the souvlaki.

Chicken is diced, then tossed with 2 lemons’ worth of juice, olive oil, garlic, oregano. All in a another container and tossed into the fridge until tomorrow.

Stack stack stack.

And now to prep for tzatziki…

I wash the English cucumber and cut off just the end, then grate it directly into a colander. (I do a grate job on the knuckle of my thumb as well. Oops. Ouch.)

Some kosher salt is sprinkled on the grated cucumber and tossed, and then I leave the colander, in a deep dish to allow for draining, all in the fridge overnight.

The fridge is full, and I have all the makings of delicious meals in my future.

Hmm. But none to eat for tonight.

Um, whoops. Guess I better go see what all else I can make. Hopefully something that frees up some fridge space.