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VAL: A long way to go

Angola. Oh gosh, I can see the border of Angola, heading south into Namibia, ahead.

Still. Ahead.

Border still ahead. Farther than it looks.

If this seems like it’s been a long time coming, it’s because of this:

Distance I’m virtually trekking in Angola, north to south. 1620 km / 1006.6 miles

By way of comparison, next up is Namibia. It’s also large but not quite as far to go.

Namibia: 50 miles shorter.
I’m sure it will all just fly by.

But lest we think that Angola’s the worst of it (it’s not, there are a bunch of big countries ahead), in fact right after Namibia I have the longest single-country stretch on the itinerary.

South Africa: Distance from border to Cape Town to border. 2649 km/ 1646 miles. Wow. Just wow.

Probably I should not have looked any of that up. But it’s hard to really grasp the scale of the continent… or this crazy undertaking of mine.

Based on my August progress, the equivalent distance will take me 3+ months to cover. So I guess I’m aiming for the far border of South Africa by the new year.

Goals within goals.


Happy birthday Fred.