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Virtual and Remembered Scotland

While I’ve been posting memory lane, I’ve also (of course) been doing my virtual challenges.

Scotland continues to be absolutely gorgeous. Which is how I remember it also.

Scotland is the very first place outside the USA that I ever visited. That was all the way back in 2006. We were near Edinburgh for that trip, and it was lovely. Lovely places, lovely people.

This virtual trek is placed far north of where we were back then. It is just as lovely.

Street view continues to amaze and delight

My mom and dad are also doing this trek. They add their steps together every day, which means that most days they cover more distance than I do.

I started this one while they were doing Côte D’Azur virtually so I had a head start.

This last week while I was posting good memories, I am excited but not surprised to report that they have pulled up and passed me.

Way to go, guys! I’ll be in your rear view mirror if you look back! 🙂