exploring and revisiting, today has a theme song

Good times (and good days) remembered: Glacier NP 2019

We meant to go sooner, but couldn’t get it scheduled.

As I said, the debate of whether they should see a different set of parks before or after Yellowstone went on for a bit.

But it was Glacier that mom wanted to see – while it still has any glaciers left.

I’d never been to Glacier NP so that was cool with me.

(The 6 hour slog between the two parks, not so much. But we made it.)

It was well worth it! If you go, take a red bus tour over Road to the Sun. Highly recommend!

Also it is September 1 so today has a theme song. The tune on repeat on my device today … is from Cuppa Joe. It’s called Forty and hey Al, I hope it’s a great day there. 🎂

If you love it like I do, support the artists by picking up the single, the album, or check out their other work. (Note: this blog is not sponsored and that endorsement is unsolicited. I just literally do listen to that song a lot on this day. It makes me happy. And who couldn’t do with more of that?)

I hope the day is happy for you, too.