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Good times remembered: Yellowstone 2019

We had hoped to go the year before, but the reason is short and more lead time was needed.

There were debates on the itinerary – The Dakotas to Wyoming to Utah? (Rushmore, Yellowstone, Tetons? The reverse?).

In the end though we flew into Utah, drove up to Wyoming, then up to Montana, then across Idaho to fly out of Washington. Tetons, Yellowstone, Glacier.

It was a distance to cover.

It was an amazing time. We saw waterfalls and wildlife, geysers and mudpots. And the Yellowstone supervolcano didn’t explode under us in 2019 (and for all 2020 seemed to be trying to bring us every possible nightmare, it’s good to remember we were spared … any number of disasters that could be.)

No, while we were there, there was lots of geothermal activity, but no eruption occurred. Though when bison run by your car in enough numbers close enough, the ground does shake.

Bison up close. They were a lot closer at one point. Bison are BIG.