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Updating my Goals

Those of you who have been reading a while are aware of – and possibly are now quite bored of hearing about – the virtual challenges I’ve been doing since shortly after coronavirus changed the day-to-day.

At present that includes my own defined challenge: what I’m calling the Virtual African Loop (VAL) which I built with a premium membership on MyVirtualMission and which I need to accomplish within 3 years (because that’s as long as a single challenge can be).

The first year of that challenge is coming up, and when I reach it there will be a progress report.

As long as I need to cover that distance, though, I’m also doing a couple of “medal” challenges via The Conqueror. Presently my pedaled distances are going towards the Pacific Crest Trail (USA), and my stepped distances are going toward the North Coast 500 (Scotland) — in addition to the VAL, because everything has to go toward the VAL.

In the background of those, though, I have a challenge for calendar year 2021.

(At the beginning of the year I bought 3 Conqueror challenge codes and got the 2021 code free in the mix because sale!)

That “annual” challenge doesn’t have a map, or a preset value. For 2020 I set myself a goal of stepping the equivalent of 2,020 miles. I actually did a bit over 2200 miles that year.

The VAL added pedaling to my days, so I set the goal for this year for 5,000 miles across both activities.

Well, it’s late August, and this just happened:


So rather than call it done, I extended my goal for the year. Currently my new goal is 6500 miles before the end of the year. And I suppose I’ll have to think about what to do in 2022 (if I feel like I want to do an annual one next year).

New goal applied. Suspect I may extend again later.