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VAL: Halfway through Angola

Time for dessert!

I already made the fish stew twice and the shrimp once (definitely going to try that one again!) but I’m only halfway across virtual Angola on the VAL and good heavens, wouldn’t something sweet be nice?

A bit of port wine might not hurt either 😉

So first things first: papaya!?!

Papaya is big. Mine was the size of, say, a nerf football. Actually a hair bigger than that.

Was not expecting!

I had to Google what to do with a papaya too. Like was there a trick to getting into it?

Lop off the ends, peel, cut in half, scoop out seeds, slice.

So that’s what the inside of a papaya looks like.
News to me!

After all the peeling and scooping and slicing, it was pretty easy: some slices of lime, some port wine, some pepper.

The result is really not bad at all. Unfamiliar, but that’s kind of the point, right?

Though I think I’d still prefer chocolate! 🤣

It may feel like I’m not making progress just now – but I am! Blue line: virtual distance to date: