experiments in cooking

Carrot Salad

Because maybe not everything I cook for the first time has to be inspired by the Virtual African Loop…

I love ❤️ love America’s Test Kitchen and Cooks Country. I keep an Amazon list of the gadget and equipment winners. I save shows with recipes I know I want to try to make.

Love ❤️ love those shows.

Christopher Kimball isn’t on them any more (the rest of the team seems to mostly have stayed, as well as some new faces and that’s awesome.

Kimball is now on his own show, Milk Street, which seems to be themed around visiting a place and then making recipes inspired by that visit.

So far I would say I haven’t been overwhelmed with the episodes I’ve seen but to be fair that could be luck if the draw. I don’t care much for ATK episodes that are all about egg dishes (vomit), or that require equipment I’m simply never going to own, either.

So, it happens.

Still the other day they had a show about Argentinian food and it all looked so good. I’m definitely going to have to try some of them.

But first, and easiest: a carrot salad.

I very obviously mis-measured the salt but it was still good next to other food.

Unlike the other two shows, Milk Street doesn’t actually tell you the recipe. Not in detail. You get the ingredients and the steps. If you want amounts you go online. Sigh.

Well I did and I mis-read or mis-measured the salt. So mine came out salty. But it was still pretty good. It makes me want to put it next to a robust Argentinian steak with a fiery red chimichurri sauce.

Not today, mind you. But one day soon, for sure.

So this was a win (and a nice change from reaching desperately for Angolan dishes to try).

Speaking of which … I guess I have to get back to it.

Have a good day, all!