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VAL: More Angolan Food

Well it’s full on summer: hot-hot-hot!

So how about also some hot-hot prawns?

I mean, shrimp will have to do but let’s give it a go! COSA-COSA CAMARÃO

Two different sauces tried

I had a bottle of peri-peri sauce but also made some fresh, just to see which we liked better.

Both were good. I’d make mine thicker, if I was doing it again, to stick to the shrimp better. Also mine is spicy but with a pop of fresh lemon flavor. The bottled is thicker and hotter. (And also probably not having to work around my complete inability to find the authentic type of pepper.)

But with some rice pilaf on the side to balance out the heat, it was all very good.

Still second to Suya in my favorites list – but very good even so!

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