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Back Eastward

After our adventure out to western Maryland and the scenic rail excursion, the folks and I tried to come up with plan for things to do in the area.

On paper there are a lot of things to do there. Museums for the railroad, and for the C&O Canal, and related themed items.

In reality most of that was closed.

There’s also another rail trip just over the border in WV, but it wasn’t running for days to come. (We had decided to visit WMSR on a Thursday expressly with the idea of avoiding crowds. There’s still a pandemic on, ya know.)

So we did decide to do some outdoor things like walking the Paw Paw Tunnel.

Light at the end of a very dark tunnel, a little over 1/2 mile away. We walked it. Twice, of course because that was the way back. Bring a flashlight or make sure your smartphone is charged so you can use its flashlight.

By the time we finished the tunnel and trail, the day was getting pretty warm. We debated heading down to Harpers Ferry in WV but with no real plan, 1.5 hour drive, and unclear what would be open on arrival, we mixed it.

So we headed back with the idea to just take scenic routes and opportunities to see the historic sites along the way.

So we drove along the Potomac on the WV side for a while (until that started getting too nauseating).

Definitely scenic though

We stopped for the most delicious burger ever over at the Potomac River Grill in Hancock, MD.

Then we started back South and East. We got a bit turned around but did finally find and visit a couple of the C&O Canal locks (51 & 52) and Aqueduct #7, and the Bowles House.

Mid-1800’s Canal Lock

We tried to visit a few other places along the way and discovered McCoys Ferry to be extremely difficult to find, and mostly just a boat landing and campground. Fort Frederick State Park also seemed to be mostly about camping. Which we were not up to do.

So as the afternoon wore on we all wore out. And then we knew we’d be approaching home as rush hour began, and didn’t want to prolong that agony if it could be avoided…

After a long drive, we all finally made it to our respective homes.




But you know, it was just really nice to get away from the (home) office for a few days.