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Out and about: WMSR

It was becoming very, very clear that I needed some time off. Like, to the point my folks were suggesting it… gently, but repeatedly.

They were right. The office was getting to me. The mood was definitely getting stabby.

But there’s not a lot of places I feel like it’s wise to visit. What to do?

Well we had considered a series of scenic rail trips in the beforetime. So we decided to give that a go.

Western Maryland Scenic Railroad is only a couple of hours away, and runs from Cumberland to Frostburg.

It was occasionally scenic.

And it was a nice time.

In Cumberland

There isn’t very much open at the Frostburg end, at least on a Thursday afternoon. The depot was closed on arrival – so restrooms were scarce. And the tram into town was 30 minutes late which since there’s only a little over an hour in town until we leave again, meant we walked up. (And I do mean up.)

Still it was a nice change of pace. And I needed that, badly.

The engine reversing to take us back

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  1. At first I thought this was going to be about an FM Radio station appearance or something . . . but just as nice to get away on a rail trip for a time. We all need that!

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