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Oh The Places I’d Go

I’m so itchy to travel again. I am not ready to go do it, even if some of the places I’d like to go would let me.

I hope soon (so please please get vaccinated if you possibly can, folks – it’s not over for any of us until it’s under control for all of us).

So… where would I go, where would I go?

  • Everywhere. Almost. 🙂 On a tour or cruise or road trip (to almost any new destination at all)… I miss new places!
  • Yosemite and the California National Parks. I had sketched out a loop with my folks a few years ago and we had thought maybe we would firm it up to make it happen in 2020 … and well, we all know how that played out. I’ve been to Yosemite with a friend a lifetime ago but mom and dad have not.
  • Japan. As much as I cannot fathom the flight distance, I would really love to visit this country. And yes, Street View of the Mt Fuji virtual challenge clinched this.
  • Antarctica. And heck yeah as long as I’m in the Southern Hemisphere I’m up for Chile, Brazil and Argentina.
  • Scandinavia. Our cruise adventure got cancelled and I still wanna go!
  • Western Europe. Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, France… actually name a place … there’s a ton of countries I haven’t been to at all or have barely scratched the surface. I hope to get back, and see more!
  • An African safari.
  • The Galapagos.
  • Did I say “everywhere?” I could list places all day long…

But lest I forget how blessed I have been to see this lovely world and various places in it… here are 5 places I’m so glad I’ve seen (and yes would dearly love to see again one day)…

Two places in the USA (randomly selected because there’s so much here)…


Pacific Northwest

And here’s three places outside the USA, and yea it was also hard to choose just 3 because there’s so much lovely world to see! (And I’ve been so very blessed to see as much as I have.)




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  1. I would go everywhere, too. But as Ireland is set to battle yet another wave of pandemic, this year, I’m choosing to stay local. Fingers crossed we can go places next year 🤗

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