Long ago and far away

My first “real” non-temp job was working at a small software company.

It was the first “real” technology I got proficient at (games and word processing for term papers notwithstanding).

I worked there for 10 years, through growth and acquisition and rebranding, and then finally left via downsizing when the tech bubble burst.

The technology still exists, though the tiny company that created it was bought by a larger small company, who in turn was acquired by a competitor, who was bought almost instantly thereafter by a multinational company you have almost certainly heard of.

It’s funny to think of those days in that tiny company. Of the friends I had there, of the guy I dated there who to my knowledge is still there, though in another city, now with wife and child(ren?), hopefully doing well and happy and healthy.

It’s funny to open a box of office supplies and find tucked away a few half-pads of sketch paper emblazoned with our old logo – of course I have these because it was the “old” logo, before we removed the slash, or added the i, or removed the i again – these things from so long ago…

How do I still have these notepads,
30-odd years later?

Life is funny, you know. Who ever imagined?

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  1. Because somewhere deep down you probably knew that this little scratch pad with the company logo would one day come to mean something so much more than what it was intended for at the time. A source of pride, of beginnings, the passage of time, a keep sake.

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