A pink sky

And a faceful of spider web

I’m tired. It’s a continuous thing now, I felt run down most of the weekend too.

But here it is, Monday, and I can feel how I shouldn’t be up yet, let alone on the road.

As I walk out of my house and head down to the car, I discover that a spider web had been put up overnight. I find that with my face

Because it was dark I don’t have any way to know where the spider was at that point. Hopefully not on me, anyway.

Gray gives way to wispy pink skies. When I reach the bridge and open skies, the sun is a neon pink disk, streaked with purple clouds.

Then I turn the corner and the next stretch of road closes open views to the sky again.

When I see the sun again, farther down the road, it’s day. A smear of light, yellow and too bright to hold its shape, the sky blue with wisps of white.

The morning workday awaits.

Lord, I’m tired.

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