Summer storm

In the morning I’m out early to do the yardwork chores. It’s already 85 degrees Fahrenheit and approaching 100% humidity at 8am.

It’s not the most auspicious of beginnings.

But by 10am, with a bit of help, I’ve trimmed branches off a tree, bundled that mess up, whacked back the ivy enough to re-establish a path, and we’ve cleaned the pond filters.

By then I’m in desperate need of a shower … and then a nap!

I wake up to restart the day, a late lunch/ dinner with the day still soaring up to 90 and the sun hot and high.

And then suddenly there’s thunder rolling, and the sky is solid gray, all the humidity gathered up to release a deluge.

For a while after that, the storm sits directly overhead, thunder and lightning simultaneously. The lights flicker but stay on. A mile away, mom and dad are not so lucky.

Not a good sign

They wait an hour before they mention it to me.

They wait another hour to see if there’s an ETA for power restoration.

Then they reach out to ask to borrow freezer space. (A few years back some flooding at their old place knocked out power for days, and so of course everyone lost all their frozen foods. They’re scarred by it.)

At 7pm they still don’t have power back and finally arrange to bring items over to put in my freezer.

Having saved the groceries, they head back home to get any odds and ends they may need to spend the evening here while they wait, and just in case they need to spend the night here.

I know it’s not their first choice to sleep anywhere but their own place but I don’t want them there at night without lights or air conditioning as the humidity and temperatures begin to rise again.

And I don’t want them to wait until it’s pitch dark at their place to have to start thinking about what they need.

I remind them that packing a bag in case does not mean they have to stay over, only that it will be convenient to have their things with them if they need to.

I certainly have the space for them… if not for this reason, why?

So we watch a few episodes of The Foods That Built America. In the middle, the power company texts to say their power should be back on. So after the shows are over, they’re back on their way. Their groceries spend the night, but they don’t.