Scenes from the ride

Delaware keeps closing more of my route for construction. This is less than fun.

Sometimes the detours bring unusual moments with them. Like this morning I was stuck in a goose jam.

Goose jam sounds like a terrible flavor of jelly.

I mean, of course, a traffic jam caused by geese on the road.

Because when an entire flock of geese (you know, creatures with wings) decide to walk across a road, the people stop rather than end up with goose jam all up in their undercarriage.

Of course I would not advocate hitting animals. No no, the stopping is fine. Expected. Even made for a fun little interlude on the drive.

Not to mention a little fun googling about why on earth they don’t just fly over!

So that was fine. More fun, anyway, than changing lanes and discovering I’m now traveling in the left-hand lane (because upcoming left-hand exit, that’s why) in front of a police car.

No issues there, just tres stressee.

So you know, all kinds of exciting little moments along the route.

Not my car. Also not in my country.
Seen in Genova!

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