The heat of summer

Maryland in the summer is steamy. So much so that the other day my mother was expressing thankfulness about how low the humidity was, and the standard she was using seemed to be “well we aren’t dripping wet immediately upon exiting the house.”

Which, okay, that makes it less humid than sometimes experienced, but does not count as low humidity.

My folks have been doing the whole mulching project. Normally this would happen in the springtime, but Brood X meant no one wanted to be out doing yardwork while gigantic insects buzzed around. Also no one wants to mulch their flower beds and then have the shells and corpses of cicadas completely cover the mulch.

Like completely. My folks bagged up a contractor bag full and their flower beds were still absolutely loaded with them.

Anyway waiting until the cicadas had gone by meant also waiting until the hottest hit of the summer.

So anyway, my folks try to be sensible but sometimes they just … get an idea in their heads and I started to get really worried they would kill themselves of heatstroke.

So I joined ‘em, of course. 🤣

And now I’m sunburned. Because after a year inside, apparently I forgot how the sun works.

Wear your sunscreen guys!

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