there is something wrong with me

Still a bit off

I sleep a little over 8 hours on Friday night, and wake at a reasonable hour, but my first sense on waking is a tired confusion.

What day is it? Is it Saturday? Please let it be Saturday.

It is.

I could go back to sleep, but I don’t. It would only throw off my schedule to let myself sleep late. I do my scripture reading, my morning puzzle, my Duolingo French lessons.

Then I have to get up. Teeth brushed, clothes on.

I think I’m awake enough to function.

I go downstairs to the kitchen and discover that I forgot to set up coffee last night.

I find a half cup of abandoned coffee from yesterday and – so desperate for caffeine – I microwave it while I wash the pot and set it up with fresh coffee. I figure I will sip at the dissatisfying old while I wait for the enjoyable new to brew.

Then while the brewing begins I pull out a refilled bottle of water from the fridge and go to add lime flavor to it, to hide the taste of pipes and make my vitamins go down easier.

Just as I’m finished emptying the lime packet, I look down. I’ve poured the lime flavoring into the mug containing old coffee, instead of the bottle of water.

Um no. Sheesh, I’m definitely not firing on all cylinders!

Just as well. Old coffee wasn’t what I wanted. By the time I get another packet of lime into the water, and get my vitamins down, and wash out the cup, the new coffee is ready.

Aaaah that’s good.

Much better.

I guess it’s good that this is Saturday because I’d be worse than useless if this was a workaday morning.

I hope your Saturday got off to a better start!


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