And home

Because my boss is awesome and he knows how I work, he’s okay with me flexing my hours on the days I have to go to the office.

In fact I think if he had the support above, I’d only ever be in the office when there’s an actual reason. But alas, until then…

The early morning means I’m in the office before 6:30. My flex/commute days are usually 7 to 3. When he logs on at 9, he wishes me a good afternoon, because even before he knows what time I got in, he knows that’s how it feels to me. At 2, I mention in passing that I am tired.

He offers that I could go home early.

But I stay to 3, as usual.

I get on the road.

It’s less traffic than it could be, but it’s definitely busy and the construction doesn’t help any of that.

The highway turns toward open sky and there is a cloud above so dark, so massive, so oddly shaped with a mass of gray broken in almost a sharp line, then depths of purple layered with cloud tendrils hanging down — it seems more like a movie effect than actual weather. Lightning flashes in its center and it could be a space monster attacking, it seems so unreal.

But it is real, and when I get under it, sheets of rain envelop the car and visibility reduces to almost nothing.

That too seems unbelievable.

In a little while the worst of it passes. The rest of the journey is scattered rain.

The next torrent won’t come until I’m climbing exhausted into bed.

Bed. Bed is good.

Oh gosh I don’t want to do this again next week.


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