Early to rise

I’m awake nearly an hour earlier than I need to be. Since I’ve already awakened twice – the way one does when subconsciously worried about an alarm – it’s not that I’m so well rested.

But I am awake, dark and early. Time to pray, to read my scripture for the morning (Proverbs), to take my French lesson on Duolingo.

Still ahead of my alarm, I’m up.

While I’m brushing my teeth, I remember I’m supposed to start the coffee before I jump in the shower.

It’s unfamiliar, these to-the-office rituals. The strict order of things, subtly different than my work-at-home routine.

But shortly I’m ready to go. I’m ahead of schedule.

It’s gray when I step outside. It will be anyway – we expect rain later – but it’s predawn gray. High overhead is a perfect half-moon. Definitely morning though; birds are singing and twittering in the half-light.

The drive is fine. There’s at least 2 of the 90 miles I drive that aren’t under construction, so those are almost enjoyable.

The sun is rising. The sun is blinding. The world is briefly golden.

At the office, my desk does not show signs of an infestation. Good news.

My computer takes 30 minutes to do on-site updates. Not good news.

It takes multiple tries and some frustrated googling to get my secondary display to work right.

But then I’m up and running. I hear people arrive around me as the morning wears on.

Sigh. Here we go.

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