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The first Congo crossing (and dish)

Technically the route will have me weaving back and forth across the border with Cameroon for a little while.

Just crossed over

Still, crossing a border is an achievement, one I will do with less frequency going forward, and to look down and see it happen (albeit virtually) is always exciting.

So to celebrate, I plan to make some Congo Poulet Moambe (Moambe Chicken). I found several recipes but decided to try this one.

It’s good… but the hint of peanut butter in the smell, not unlike the stew from Ghana, is a bit off-putting for me.

But it is good, even so. Good enough that Dad will take a serving home for another meal. Mom passes, but for her it’s that the tomato in the sauce might bother her stomach.

Overall the dish is a win.

Miles to go in the Congo.

More recipe suggestions welcome!

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