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Happy Canada Day

For my Canadian readers and that one guy who is repatriated from there. You know who you are.

Not my photo.

S and I were thinking we might go back to visit Canada in the semi-near future, but the border remains closed for now.

You know – I want this pandemic to be over. I want to visit friends without fear and not worry about who isn’t vaccinated, and who is is only pretending to be vaccinated in public so they don’t have to wear a mask because somehow protecting yourself and others is too inconvenient and irritating. Because my friend S is vaxxed and my parents are and my sis and her family insist on pretending this isn’t a thing, I can almost fall into thinking it is over.

But it’s not, unfortunately. I hope it is soon and i hope the FDA finishes its work to approve-for-real or not, and I hope everyone who possibly can get vaccinated will.

Because I want to go places again.

And no, I don’t mean the office.