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More Yassa

Company is coming!

S is finally able to come visit me (at a time when I finally can have guests), so we’ll have a weekend to chillax together…

So I’m busy making some Yassa but without the hot peppers because S doesn’t do spicy.

Yassa in the oven

My house still smells delicious!

Update 1: My rice cooker is on the fritz. It now takes two rounds to cook the rice to ‘done’. Which is fine, just annoying.

Update 2: Yassa was a hit even without the hot peppers, even if I would still prefer them in there for myself. I added sriracha to some of mine (I guess that’s kind of “fusion” huh?) and it was nice and hot, and not bad, but also not the right mix of flavors.

Update 3: Naturally I managed to forget to take a picture again.