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Still at it

I haven’t said much about the Virtual African Loop in a while. Even my mom noticed: no invitations to try new foods??

(I’m inviting them for food just not African inspired dishes.)

But I haven’t given up! It’s just that my map is taking me across Cameroon at an angle. And Cameroon is not a small country, especially crossed at an angle.

I’m actually about halfway across Cameroon. Next up will be the Congo and I’m cross that the long way too!

So I still have a long way to cross into the next country. Plenty of time for me to make more hot pepper sauce and grill up some Suya.

So I’m still out here, making my way. Recipe suggestions for Cameroon or the Congo’s (Republic of the, and Democratic Republic of the) are welcome. Honestly I could use the help.

If you need me, I’ll be walking and pedaling to try to get across another (virtual) borderline.