flotsam, peeves

Ew. Bugs.

On the window screen while I’m working
19 seconds of gigantic bugs swarming out in my tree. Also it is not as loud on video as it is in real life. But if you turn the volume ALL the way up it’s almost as loud as I hear it through the walls.

I kind of itch having so many bugs nearby.

The sound is almost like a high-pitched white noise, but with an undulating wave where it gets a bit louder all at once before falling back to baseline obnoxious.

They’re loud, even through the windows … and every time I have to go outside it’s positively deafening. Just last week they were in the trees down the street, but not exactly here here. Now they’re busy getting busy in my tree, some of them easily mistaken at a glance for small birds.

(Hummingbirds would be nicer, yes. But I suppose anything this plentiful and zipping around in close proximity would be unnerving.)

They’re huge and abundant and noisy and mercifully non-dangerous and therefore kind of stupid.

Like, if we were prey, they’d have evolved to be smarter about getting to us. They would be actively swarming me when I go out.

As it is they occasionally bump into me and let me tell you: ewwww get off get off get off. Gross.

But really: they mostly just want to find a mate and do that thang.

Get a room already. I’m working here.

2 thoughts on “Ew. Bugs.”

    1. They’re basically harmless but so dang disgusting! One landed right on me today and I must admit there was a little bit of irrational anti-bug reaction. (Probably funny to anyone watching but not so much to me in the moment.)


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