experiments in cooking

Ciao , Chow

Prosciutto bread wasn’t a win, but Cameroon-inspired garlic bread was.

And my step-stepping is moving me along St Francis Way…

Virtual Italy – Postcard

So in keeping with this theme, I’m pulling out my aunt Martha’s pasta sauce and ATK’s drop meatball recipe, and more homemade bread to create an Italian extravaganza!

If I could somehow post the scents wafting through my house, I would. It smells like a slice of (Italian) heaven in here!

Originally I was planning to make this meal for mom and dad but all that acid from tomatoes didn’t seem like a good plan for her at the time. Still, dad brought me some grilled Italian sausage to add to the mix. So there’s hot sausage mixed in with my meatball goodness. Bonus yum!

Meatballs, Sausage, Sauce

A batch of sauce could get separated and frozen for future meals, but I think it’s more fun to share.

(I did test one meatball just to make sure they were good before inflicting them on others. Success!)

So with that confirmed, a small batch went back to mom and dad (small because maybe only dad will be having it).

And then I split the rest up to send to my sister’s family to enjoy (I hope), along with a loaf of homemade bread all prepped to be garlic bread.

So here’s hoping they enjoy it, whatever night they have it. Personally I’m looking forward to making pasta this week and having my own small feast!