creation bears His fingerprints, flotsam

Green things

Out front, the new grass is still too young to be cut, but it’s long and light and fluffy-looking…

Actually it reminds me of muppet hair.

Tell me that wouldn’t look great
on the head of a green muppet!

No of course not Kermit,
don’t be silly.

Out back, the weeds are trying to take over there but on the hill, the day lilies are showing promise.

Gonna be blooms soon!

Happy green things are growing!

So nature is out there doing its thing in all the best ways, as they were created to do.

And some of the worst ways too, no doubt. Fallen world and all.

Still and all, I hope you have treasures and gifts from above, great or small as you may need, to bring joy to your spirit today!

And also:

Happy birthday Alec!