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Florence, virtual and actual

Working my way through the virtual St Francis Way challenge, we start in Florence. Such a delightful city!

I first visited there on a tour with my sister. I last visited there in January 2020, just before S and I boarded a cruise and just before a pandemic became a regular part of daily existence.

Jan 2020

We had a lovely time poking around the city and catching a train from there to Pisa and back for a daytrip. Then we raced back south toward Rome to return our rental car, catch a taxi to the cruise port, and hop on our cruise.

Though we are vaccinated, international travel might still not be in the cards in the short term. Lots of details to be worked out, lots of the world that is working through their COVID challenges just as we are (to various degrees).

Until then, virtual adventures will have to do.

First postcard, virtual challenge