Before and after

When I moved in, I knew I had the red tree out front, but right along the property line were two other trees I wasn’t so sure about.

And not knowing for sure they were mine to cut back (and not seeing much of the neighbors at the time to clear that up) — not to mention having been a lifetime renter — I didn’t do much with those trees for quite some time.

By the time I got a handle on who owns what, the holly and pine had completely taken over things.

Not so any more.

So now new grass will be planted and then some shrubs. Maybe flowers at some point.

But there’s a ton more sun to be had now. It’s nice!

Also interesting is that while my work was being done, the neighbors with the jungle backyard hit up my landscapers about clearing their yard.

Omigosh how amazing would that be?

Fingers crossed on that.

So anyway, the two unwanted trees have been taken out and grass has been seeded, and the flower beds mulched. I regret to report that’s not going to stay looking nice though because cicada shells, and then cicada corpses, are going to be ubiquitous for a while.


In fact, having to go out twice a day to water the seeded area while the cicadas are so active? Not making me happy. But so it goes – after all this effort into improving the yard, it would be a shame to abandon it over disgusting-looking but ultimately harmless insects.