Getting through the Daily

I suppose everyone has their daily routines. A list, formal or more likely informal, of things that get addressed. Even an order in which the morning ablutions are attended to (ever gotten out of the shower having forgotten to wash your hair because you didn’t do things in the usual order? That’s not just me, right?)

I keep a list. I don’t need to put brush teeth or take shower or drink coffee on it, or anything. Oh gosh, my caffeine addiction ensures the coffee happens.

But I keep plenty of other to-dos on there. Things that are good for me… habits I’m trying to set but can’t seem to trust myself on yet: my language lessons, my step goals, flossing every night.

And things I just don’t want to forget: recording my steps toward the Virtual African Loop daily, taking out the recycle on the right day, the random task that has a deadline.

In the weeks to come, my daily routine might have some pretty significant changes. The office is re-opening. Count me under-enthused, but then I didn’t like being in the office even before the pandemic.

Still, recent events made me recall how much I do appreciate having the job.

I guess I’ll need to dust off my driving skills though.

Wish me luck!

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