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Last minute dinner plans

It was one of those nights with no dinner plan and nothing pre-made and nothing really calling to me. One of those nights you keep opening the fridge hoping food will appear or inspiration will strike.

And then, it did!

I’d made the chicken already; one large breast simmered in BBQ sauce and shredded, sitting in a container in the fridge. I’d made it thinking I’d make BBQ chicken pizza.

I had a package of pizza dough, ready to roll out and cook.

And ooh! I had two little zucchini and a Roma tomato starting to age in the fridge. Those should get eaten soon…

cooking the veggies to soften them a bit
and cook out some of the liquid

And more BBQ sauce…

And shredded cheese…

And some random squares of Parmesan and Asiago cheese to add to the mix.

BBQ chicken and zucchini pizza

Last minute dinner WIN!