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Still ‘in’ Nigeria – but also now “in” Arizona

Since I’m doing both my Virtual Africa Loop and The Conqueror Route 66 challenge to include pedaled distances, I may as well give both updates at once…

Google StreetView is rare in most of the African continent so i am so pleased when it is available

It’s hard to be sure but I’m thinking I might reach Cameroon in a little over a week. Don’t worry, I won’t forget to tell you when I do! 🤣

Just crossed into Arizona on virtual Rt 66

On Rt 66, I’m nearly at the 70% mark, just over the border into Arizona, and surrounded by a number of reservations according to the map.

I was surprised to see the snow in the image. Not a common thing in that part of the country. Full disclosure: I had to pass a truck to get that screen shot without a semi in it 🙂