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The walk

It’s not a far distance. But the motion of real actual steps, up and down the plentiful hills, makes a difference.

The weather was good enough, and the day long enough, that I walked over to mom and dad’s for the first time for the season.

It’s different muscles, you know. My ankles in particular wanted to know what the heck I was doing; down the hills harder going than up.

Mom and Dad were out of town (they’re back now; I’m not revealing secrets). I popped over to check on things, bring in the mail since the postal service seems to have flubbed their stoppage. This time I went on foot.

And that meant when I went in to drop off the accumulated mail I could also steal a water and some Advil to ease the angry ankle. (I confessed this great crime at the time. Pretty sure the folks won’t be pressing charges for it. Or so I hope.)

Anyway, spring is here. And the cicadas were still some time away. So all that was good!

(PS day 2 post-shot = still feeing just fine!)

2 thoughts on “The walk”

  1. You’ve hit the nail on the head. The weather is finally decent enough (and there’s plenty of light in the morning) that I’m able to walk outside instead of sticking to the treadmill. That “motion of real actual steps, up and down the plentiful hills” really DOES make a difference!


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