The second shot

As I type this, I got my 2nd shot about 5 minutes ago.

The process: smooth. Less unfamiliar, so that helps. It’s hotter this 3 weeks later and it’s raining so to fight the heat and humidity, fans are running. It makes it more pleasant temperature-wise but it’s so loud.

Otherwise it would be less so. Less crowded today. I wonder if it’s a timing thing: I’m 30 minutes earlier than the first shot. It’s busy but it seems less so.

Maybe it also seems that way because of where I’m sitting, in the front to wait my 15 minutes, instead of in the back. The crowd is behind me.

5 more minutes to wait.

I don’t even have the jangly my-arm-was-recently-poked sensation so far. I know that it was poked, but so far no reaction that I can feel.

You never know, until you know, you know? Your mileage may vary. But so far, so good. So far, completely fine.

It’s pouring outside. I’m going to get quite wet getting back to the car. And there’s a refueling chore I need to fit in. If not today – ugh rain – then relatively soon.

Times up. Off I go!

Two doses! Masking days to start to drop off (as applicable, based on guidance) in 2 weeks!

Next morning update: Wow, I slept fine and I feel fine. (Pauses to self-assess in detail.)

My arm feels kind of like I have a bruise where the shot was. Not the jangled nerves sensation from the last shot. Not pain, even. More like, I’m slightly aware that I have an upper arm, if that makes sense.

Evening update: No after effects to report. I mean, work was a hassle and I’m tired, but like long day tired, not like post-vaccine fatigue tired.

So there’s that then, gang. Your mileage may vary, depending if you have other health issues or have been exposed to COVID before. But based on my experience: no reason for worries.

If you haven’t scheduled your shot: 10/10: highly recommend! So go get the next available appointment, okay?