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Life Hack: Set a timer

There’s lots of things that a timer is helpful for.

Desperately need a nap but afraid of oversleeping and blowing your whole day? Set a timer.

Can’t get motivated to accomplish a household task that feels too time-consuming to face? A little may be better than none: Set a 15-min timer and commit to working on the task just for 15 uninterrupted minutes. You might be surprised how much of it you can get done.

Coloring your hair but don’t want to overexpose your hair to the chemicals and have the color come out wrong? Set a timer!

And above all: don’t want to forget you have something in the oven? Set a timer. In my case this includes setting it on the phone and not just the microwave unless I’m going to stay in the kitchen.

Right: parcooked appropriately prior to topping
Left: forgot to set the timer

Because a timer you can’t hear is the same as no timer at all.