faith, flotsam

May the fourth…

… is a fine day to finish getting vaccinated against COVID-19.

Yeah I know that didn’t seem like that was where I was headed with that thought! 🤣

By this time tomorrow, Lord willing, the second dose will already be in my arm.

Two weeks after that I will be as protected as science currently knows how to make me, and as protective as I can be for people around me on that front.

And I’m thankful. Thankful that there are vaccinations to be had. Thankful that my parents have their doses. Thankful that my vaccination means I’m less of a potential risk to others. Thankful for a possible future – Lord willing – of community and company and maybe oh please maybe travel again.

Someday. Some sweet day.

If you haven’t already, and you possibly can, please sign up and get your vax too, okay?

(And yeah, also: happy Star Wars day! May the fourth force be with you.)