Wait, what? It can’t be May. Can it?

True dat

Well… yay us for making it this far!

So far this year:

  • I pedaled half of Rt 66, and I walked the virtual equivalent of the Cabot Trail, Ring of Kerry, Mt Fuji, and am just wrapping up Alps to Ocean. Plus part of shared treks for LEJOG and Ring Road.
  • I’m still hitting my steps goals and keeping up my Duolingo streak. Which is to say, I’m still working my daily list.
  • I gave up wine AND ice cream for Lent, and I can attest that the Lord is good, and He is sufficient… but my work sorely tempted me to break both.
  • I got one jab and the next one is just days away!
  • I’ve posted a blog every day — though in fairness some of them have been… well, about this good. Sorry!

Onward and upward, I hope!