I’m tired. Like all the time. And it’s my own fault.

That’s right. I can’t blame the overnight office emails from around the world or stress from pandemic or backyard creatures or the office or what have you.

The problem is me.

The problem is me creating undisturbed quiet time in the evenings by staying up to all hours long after I should or even want to be awake.

Like all night… Past exhaustion to non-functioning zombie-like states. Weekends or weekdays, though the next morning starts early regardless of how well or not-at-all well I may have slept.

But I still won’t go to bed, like I’ve reverted to a teenage mentality in which I am rebelling against my own body’s needs.

This, my friends, is not helpful.

It’s not healthy.

It’s got to stop.

I have to go to bed!

I’m so tired.