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Prepared for the cicada scourge

Since my Sis and BIL gave me all kinds of good ideas and then my Dad (who is fully vaccinated, yay) came by with the drill to help with the hardware installation… I now have a semi-private and semi- enclosed section of my deck:

It’s just weighted curtains, which can be pinned to tighten the seal. A valence is still in the works to cover the grommets at the top. Even with that, it’s not going to keep mosquitoes out completely… but when the cicada plague arrives in force, it should leave my deck at least partially usable.

So there’s that! Yay!

And with my second vaccination already scheduled, I’m hoping this will enable me to occasionally have my also-vaccinated family over for outdoor dining later this summer … and without it meaning we eat as many bugs as we do food.

Goals, you know?

So stay well, stay safe, get your vax jab when you can, and let’s look forward to a fun summer, okay?

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