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Virtual African Loop: Benin

I’ve crossed out of Togo and into Benin.


To celebrate this crossing, I’m making this dessert: bananas in orange sauce.

Firstly, in case I didn’t mention this before: I’m not a fan of bananas. I make rare exceptions (which usually involve hot fudge and ice cream). Or (apparently, as this post proves), because I’m hard pressed on a trek-related recipe option.

Secondly, I also almost never have oranges on hand. So both of those required a special grocery order.

Finally, the recipe suggests serving with ice cream. I am temporarily off ice cream. (I love ice cream. Like it was a problem. Ice cream and I are currently on a break, to get some perspective and decide what we want from this relationship.)

All that said…

I used WAY more lemon than called for. (Lemons, I have. I cook a host of things that call for it and fresh lemon is always best. I buy a bag of lemons every grocery order. So lots more lemon.)

Also: to reduce something to a sauce takes eternity. It is literally a watched pot, that must never boil but just slowly, slowly, slowly evaporate.

(All those slowlies there are not accidental or lazy. They are just accurate.)







This is even more agonizing because Patience is a virtue that I don’t possess a lot of.

(Not for nothing, but there is a reason I also don’t make balsamic glaze often. It takes so dang looooooong!)

So by the time I had passed the second 15 minute interval and it still wasn’t very saucy, I promised myself I only had to do this once, and I could be done with it.

Rating this recipe on the process? 1/5. Lots of citrus squeezing and mind-numbing amounts of stirring a liquid that does not want to thicken into a sauce.


Rating the outcome? 5/5 stars. Bananas are better in an orange-lemon sauce.

Ice cream? Oh gosh, ice cream and I might have to make up because of this (though I realize it’s only going to exacerbate our issues to bring another party into the mix).

And this is 100% a party for my mouth.

I think I gotta get walking to make up for all the dessert I’m going to want to have!

Recipe Plated – Sans Ice Cream

Update: though the lemon stands out when serving the sauce over bananas, with vanilla ice cream the orange perks up in a very creamsicle or orange sherbet kind of way. I don’t love either of those. (I know, I know).

I do like lemon sherbet but the orange stands out more. Alas.

And no, I should not know how it is over ice cream. Let’s not discuss it.

However over baked pears the sauce is delightful. De-light-ful!

Also things I would be better served by not knowing.

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