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Virtual African Loop: Togo

Having crossed another virtual border in the trek, into Togo, it’s time to break out the virtual cookbook too.


And in this case, to take advantage of the fine weather — and my recent vaccination (theirs already in full effect) — to let me borrow Dad’s grill, and grilling expertise, to make Grilled Togo Chicken and Djenkoume.

The chicken was definitely a win. It had a nice but not overpowering flavor.

The corn cakes were less “cakey” than you might expect. Apparently it should be shape-able but you can see that the ramekin shape didn’t hold up at all, vs just becoming a mushy pile. And the texture is as expected: if you’ve ever had cornbread you know that it’s a bit grainy. So the idea of these as edible sandcastles might have fit better if the dish had held a shape.

Alas no. I must have gone wrong somewhere. But even so it didn’t taste bad by any means.

Still, another culinary adventure is in the books, and with Togo being as narrow as it is east-to-west at the coast, in short order I’ll be crossing into Benin and another thing to try.

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