Update: After the first shot

My arm is a little sore. It’s not terrible, mind you. My inclination is to try to rub it, move it more, flex that muscle to work it out.

So far I haven’t taken anything. I will – Advil is in my future but that’s more about being kind to my knee since I insist on pedaling my way around Africa. But that self-same Advil will probably help shake off the ache from the shot also. (Narrator: It did.)

What else, so far?

I didn’t sleep well, but that can’t be blamed on the shot. In the morning my sore arm might not have been helpful toward ongoing sleep. But I don’t sleep well lately anyway. (I tend to blame work for that.)

That rough night means that if I feel tired later in the day, it could be the shot … or just the normal outflow of not getting enough rest. (Narrator: she was tired but in a normal, long-days-short-nights way, not fatigue.)

Mid-morning there was some sneeziness – but that was also unrelated to the shot- it was a bright clear morning, and that’s also when the sun comes up on that side of the house and shines directly into my face while I work.

(I’m a sun-sneezer, and if my readership is representative that means that about 18-35% of you are too, and you know exactly what I mean. The remainder are furrowing their brows in confusion, wondering what the sun has to do with sneezing.)

If you followed that link to Wikipedia: interesting that the % is up, by the way. I googled that years ago and it was listed as more like 11-13% and as a congenital defect vs an inherited trait.


There’s also just the shade of a possible headache (which never actually bloomed into existence) but as S can attest that’s been usual for the last few weeks. One part work stress, one part pollen messing with my sinuses. No parts vaccine-related.

The verdict so far is: minimal reactions the day after my first Pfizer shot. None in the days that follow. All good here so far.

10/10, highly recommend.

Next shot in three weeks!