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The appointment

I’d joked that since I don’t have a doctor – and therefore I don’t know if I have any get-it-faster health issues – I’d probably end up last in line for the vaccine.

(But I would be in the line, mind you. Like polio and measles, the path to herd immunity involves vaccination. I want this whole mess to end, for all of us. Vaccinate me up please!)

Still, I didn’t have a lot of hope of when I’d actually be able to get it. Yes, progress is being made. Yes, more options are available. But still, I’m so far down the line. And really, aside from seeing my family (and my deep desire for travel) I’m not a priority. No one is counting on me to provide health care or food or deliver anything. I’m really as non-essential as it comes.

But guys, guys… Omigosh… I have an appointment! Just a week or so after I was able to put my name on the yes-please-invite-me-to-get-an-appointment list, I not only got that invitation but got an appointment.

Pfizer. Scheduled to receive this evening. Fingers crossed!

Would I rather have had a Friday appointment in case I react strongly? Yeah. Sure. Of course.

But am I complaining when sweet Lord thank you I have an appointment at last? When my ability to resume a normalish life is in sight?

Nope. No complaints.

None at all.

Me and my long-since-vaccinated travel buddy – photo from last summer. Hopefully after my 2 doses are fully effective I can think about packing up a bag (full of masks) and we can maybe hit the road again!

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