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Ghana revisited

I really enjoyed the Peanut Stew from Ghana, so I decided to try another dish: Jollof-Spiced Chicken with Baked Plantains.

First of all, bone-in thighs are way too much trouble for me. So unless a recipe is insistent about that, I use boneless and skinless chicken. I am guessing that in this case, the extra fat and potentially crisp skin might have been a feature to many people.

Me, I’ll pass.

I also let the jollof seasoning / marinade / rub sit on the chicken in the fridge overnight.

Finally, my plantains were sort of a mix of mostly ripe and ripe (not very ripe). No matter for me – I love plantains!


So how was it?

Really tasty. Jollof seasoning is very flavorful – there was nothing bland about the chicken. The plantains were a nice balance of starchy and mildly sweet with it. It was not “pretty” but it was delicious.

5/5. Will make again.

Jollof Chicken and Plantains: Yummy!

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