Broken things

The window crack we discovered in the fall. I started making phone calls about it, but not finding someone to fix or replace it. And then a busy fall, winter began, and travel and travel, and then… pandemic.

The lights on the back porch kept going out. There’s a short and it needs an electrician. But we were already in a pandemic, so I just cut the power to that outlet, and the pond pump runs on an extension cord for now.

And so it goes. Little things, big things. The pest control service couldn’t be put off indefinitely— mice are not welcome. Nor for that matter are any other uninvited guests.

The washing machine had to be fixed because washing my clothes by hand was not in scope.

And now the dishwasher. The home warranty company sent their repairman but apparently a good 8 parts needed replacing – basically everything in the “brains” of the unit, except for one tiny spring.

The 1/2 inch spring was fine.

It turned out that some of the parts are not just hard to find or slow to find in a pandemic. Some are no longer available. The fuse burned out but fried the computer board in the process, and that unit is no longer made.

Basically the parts aren’t available so it would cost more to repair than replace the unit. Which seems kind of tragically wasteful, and yet here we are.

So another set of service people need to come and install the new dishwasher and remove the old one.

Fingers crossed that goes smoothly. Because they keep telling me to do things like measure the door to make sure the new unit can come in (the unit will, but I can’t make promises about the box it’s in, which btw dimensions have not been provided. Or ensure there is the correct outlet and water source. Well it’s going in where the old one was, so that’s a fingers-crossed thing because I’m not disassembling anything to check.

So this might be great or a disaster.

Wish me luck. Please.